Our Services

Full Service Luxury Interior Design

Taking care of all the details of your project from the creative vision right through to the placement of every last item is what we do best. This is truly a turn-key service, and our process ensures your design-driven project stays on track and preserves your valuable time while your project is in the hands of the experts.

Full service interior design is ideal for projects that have many “moving parts” including not only the design concept, but the design and execution of custom furnishings, cabinetry, and window treatments, and the coordination and management of construction, renovation, and installations.

A full description of the process is below; see “How We Work” 

Hourly Interior Design Services and Consultations

For smaller projects, or those that are limited in scope, we offer interior design on an hourly basis. This may include things such as selection of materials for a new build, developing a new color palette for your home, or a refresh of a living room, for example.

Hourly interior design services are retained in blocks of 10 hours. Though the scope might not be as broad as full-service design, the process follows the same flow; see “How We Work”  

Stand-alone design consultations can be invaluable when you need to have specific guidance on one particular thing. Two good examples would be designing a new layout to improve the flow of a space, or a making a plan of things you need to do to prepare your home for sale.

Commercial Interior Design

Any astute business owner knows that a big part of your success lies in the experience your customers, clients, or patients have when they are in your space. And research shows that the workplace environment has a direct impact on attracting and retaining quality employees.

We work with our commercial clients to fully understand the vision of the business, the experience you need your clientele to have and what you want to communicate, and we interpret your brand into the physical environment that will speak volumes about your business. Whether you own a surgical practice, a yoga studio, a creative agency, a sales office – we bring creativity and vibrancy to your space while communicating your brand and your ideals to everyone who interacts with you.

How We Work

Once we’ve gotten to know you and are fully familiar with your project and your needs and dreams, we dive into full-on creative mode! This process can take some time and should never be rushed. This is a fully immersive creative process that evolves as the ideas and inspiration reveal themselves. Our biggest source of inspiration is you – our cherished client.

Let’s review the experience. Your project progresses in three phases:


The Design Phase

Developing the unique vision that will become your new home is an immersive and creative process that evolves and unfolds as we move through this phase. We will take complete, accurate measurements of the space, and create detailed drawings to scale. As we are developing the design concept, using our drawings, sketches, and material selections we will work with contractors, trades, and workrooms to gather estimates. When we are ready to meet for our presentation of the design plan, we will be reviewing floor plans, detailed renderings, furniture, fabric, custom designs for window treatments and cabinetry, materials and color, concept sketches and more – it will give you the complete vision, and we move to the next steps.


Construction and Procurement

With the design plan approved, we order and procure all of the materials, furnishings and products. Following the anticipated construction schedule, we ensure materials are on site and double-checked before they are needed on the job. We coordinate regular site meetings with contractors, trades and installers to ensure accurate implementation of the design, and to manage the process and facilitate easy and clear communication. When needed, we proactively handle troubleshooting along the way. Throughout this phase we stay on top of orders in progress and anticipated arrival of furnishings so we are prepared for the final phase.



As we prepare to complete your project, this includes planning and coordination of all final installations, coordinating the receiving and warehousing of all your furnishings, selection of final artwork and accessories, and the planning and preparation for a delivery day and final installation day. On that final “reveal” day, everything will be in place, ready for your arrival back home. We’ll book a day for a photo shoot and a final walk through to be sure if there are any minor issues they are handled promptly.

There is no prouder moment than knowing that we have delivered your own personal masterpiece! We know how uplifting and enriching it is to live within a space that is the total expression of the life you want to live.

“His house was perfect, whether you like food or sleep or story-telling or singing, or just sitting and thinking best, or a pleasant mixture of them all.”

— J.R.R.Tolkein